Monday, September 6, 2021

Fri-Yay- time for fun drawing time at our Syndicate Google Meet!

  FriYAY was a lesson on... draw to learn about the Māori Octopus with Anton the Whale Man.

Interesting facts about the Māori Octopus include:

  1. They are often found on shellfish beds where they have lots of homes.
  2. The pupil is shaped like a semi-circle.
  3. They belong to cephalopods (heads with legs).
  4. Their head is a big, bulgy pouch called the mantle.
  5. They have a syphon (funnel) which is a tube to help pump water around.
  6. They have 8 arms (pods meaning arms/legs).
  7. They have webbing in between each arm.
  8. They have 3 hearts.
  9. They have suckers on all their arms, 2 rows of suckers on each arm, small teeth around the top of each sucker.
  10. Their mouth is like a parrot's beak.
  11. They are the brightest (smartest) of the invertebrates.
  12. They change colour when they dream.
  13. The species name is Macroctopus Maorum.

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